Saturday, August 20, 2011

And the Bees have it!

All summer, we have been watching the bumble-bees in our garden.

"This is good" I told myself feeling a little proud that we were helping the local honeybee populations. 

Even better when we noticed that they were tucking into a hole underneath our deck.  "Mmmmm, maybe we will be able to see the cycle of the hive" my homeschooling side thought.  My culinary side was tickled with temptation of fresh honey made from our garden.

I am officially no longer curious. 

I got stung 3 times today while watering my plants, nowhere near the hive.  First off, I only thought a bumble bee could sting once (the three welts on my forearm attest otherwise) and two, I am highly allergic to bee/wasp stings, like anaphalytic shock, allergic. 

So I gulped two claritin and am praying for the best.  My reaction is called "delayed anaphylaxis" meaning that I don't react immediately but within 72 hrs to one week. So now we sit and wait. Ugh. My sambuterol is on the bedside dresser "just in case" and we have done a drug interaction test on all the medications I am on, just to be careful.  But the sitting and waiting to explode is a bit unnerving.

On a lighter note, I cut some more wonderful glads from the garden to liven up our bedroom.  Gosh, they really are beautiful flower and are a stately testament to the impact of cut flowers. We discovered some interesting seed pods ? growing where the mature flowers had been deadheaded and wonder if this is another means of propogation.  Only one way to find out.

Although the weather is warm right now, the garden is in its' downward spiral and the preparation work for the winter must commence.  Tomorrow, I will talk about soil and its' importance, particularly looking at its' ability to overwinter and the need to condition it prior to the first frost.

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