Friday, August 19, 2011

The dreaded thought....overwintering.

The grass isn't growing anymore. The nights are hovering around the freezing mark.  Soon that furnace will be kicking in because that dreaded time is upon us....overwintering.

For many gardeners, this time of year is about reaping the rewards of all your hard work. For those without vegetable gardens, it is about deheading perennials and pulling bulbs that need to be replanted for next spring.  For us thrifty gardeners, it is about doing all, plus chosing which plants that we can over-winter sucessfully.

Earlier this year, I bought some organic heirloom seeds off of ebay and slowly, due to the unprecedented amounts of precipitation, but surely we now have sweet basil and rosemary.  Well be darned if I am going to have those dry up and replant next spring. So, yesterday I thinned and repotted the plants to bring them inside for the winter.


The rosemary plants, all THREE of them, that made it out of 100 seeds. I transplanted them into larger pots for overwintering.  Fortunately, we have some grow (UVA/UVB) lights as we also have several reptiles and amphibians.  To put things in perspective about our growing season, my tallest rosemary plant. is a massive 2 inches tall!

Makes me wonder why I don't buy my herbs as plants.

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