Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rosemarys' Sage Thyme welcomes you


I am misdirected enthusiasm.  Some people call it passion but let's be honest here, it is misdirected enthusiasm.  I constantly have 10 projects on the go all at differing stages of completion.  My house and yard spilleth over with my misdirected enthusiasm, as my family can attest, and gardening/yardwork is a wonderful outlet for my misdirected enthusiasm.

The issue is that I live in the North. The Canadian North. And my growing season is a short 4 maybe 5 months, so it leaves a lot of bottled up projects just bursting at the seams for that short time.  As a result, I am always planning, organizing, ordering, reworking, planning some more and then when the ground is warm enough, gardening.

I've been sharing my pictures on my facebook and want to share my thoughts and ideas about gardening during my day, I am. And may I say that setting up a blog is no easy task. One has to choose a template, chose a color scheme, chose a title, etc and is much like gardening because you never get just the "right look" and it changes on your day. So bear with me as we journey along this gardening path together.

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